What To Make Of This Guy Who Brought a Sex Doll To Karaoke?


Guy “singing” metal music over at Rira this week.
Sex dolls. Can’t leave home with out em’.


My mind is so overwhelmed right now, I’m not sure which way to Sunday to make of this move. Bringing a sex doll to karaoke? Awesome? I think? Has to be right? Because karaoke isn’t for fun, it’s for glory. You play to win the game. You sing your ass off and try to win by any means necessary. If you’re my age you grew up watching Say What Karaoke on MTV. And you needed to give your best to win. Singing wasn’t enough. And ever since then, karaoke hasn’t been for shits and giggles, which is a very weird combination by the way, but for pride and championships.

PS: Story time because I love you. I’ve done karaoke twice in my life. The most recent time was in NYC at a BYOB karaoke place you rent out a karaoke room and pack with as many people as you want and get uber drunk. Well flash forward to 2am and I’m thisclose to blacking out and I sing (bet you wish you coulda heard me, I know, don’t be too jealous #GoldenVoice) Semisonic’s “Closing Time” with an absolute smoke. Not just saying that, I Facebook stalked her after, she was smoking hot. And we were belting out “I KNOW WHO I WANT TO TAKE ME HOME” into the same mic while looking at each other in the eyes, having this intense moment…and then I blacked out and never saw her again. Didn’t even get the chance to disappoint her. Good times. Happy Friday.