John Tesh Coming Up With 'Roundball Rock' At 2am While Taking A Piss Makes The Best Sports Intro Song Ever Somehow Better

So we all knew that Roundball Rock was created with John Tesh calling himself on an answering machine and putting it out there. I've seen that video a bunch of times. What I did not know was that he came up with the idea at 2am while taking a piss. (h/t The Athletic) 

“It was two o’clock in the morning in France, and I woke up to take a leak,” Tesh said. “I had told my subconscious mind, OK, you’re looking for a theme now.”

His subconscious mind properly programmed, the music popped into his head and then Tesh got on the phone.

That somehow makes this legendary song even better. I think it's the fact we've all been there. That middle of the night piss and you wake up from the bizarre dream and start thinking about shit. In Tesh's case it just happened to be the sound for the best intro ever. And just to argue, here are the top-5 sports intro songs:

5. SEC on CBS

4. Monday Night Football

3. Masters

2. CBS College Basketball


1. Roundball Rock

But Roundball Rock is our childhood. This is for everyone like 26-38. This is Jordan and Ewing and Barkley and young Shaq and Penny and Drexler and Hakeem and David Robinson and the Jazz. This is the one that holds the weight because it's the one song that everyone knows. You say Roundball Rock you know it. Hell, I was even able to convince my wife to have our wedding party walk out to this. 

And to think it's all because John Tesh had to piss. Just goes to show you the best ideas come at 2am.