'Last Chance U' Drops Trailer for Season 5, Announces Show Will Transition to Basketball

After two seasons each at East Mississippi Community College and Independence Community College, Netflix's hit show Last Chance U will head to California's Laney College for what it announced Tuesday will be its final season of football. Starting next year, the show will focus on junior college basketball.

I love this show. The Independence seasons weren't nearly as good as those at EMCC, but the production and stories told in it are just fantastic. I love the idea of doing one more school and then transitioning to basketball, because it keeps the structure of the show everybody loves, but puts a fresh spin on it.

And they were never going to replicate what they were able to do in Season 1 with another football team. All the people that they got lucky enough to have for a whole season at EMCC made it still one of my favorite seasons of television ever. Crazy Jason Brown at Independence was entertaining, I suppose, but for all the wrong reasons.

There's not too much in the trailer for the upcoming season, but I trust Greg Whiteley and all the producers of that show implicitly to get the absolute best out of whatever they have. I intentionally don't look at any spoilers — given that this was filmed last football season, you can go get a pretty good idea of what happens now if you want to — so that I can be surprised and entertained when the show comes out.

I'd love to see the show possibly go back to EMCC for its first season of basketball, too. I think that would be a really cool, full-circle moment for a college that is now known nationwide because of Last Chance U.

Regardless, I'm excited for this new season and for what the show will be like going forward. But it will never be better than Ronald Ollie and Miss Brittany.