Some Brands That Would Be Smart To Pair With Barstool

Today, Barstool Sports is participating in the Digital Newfront. What is a Digital Newfront? It is essentially a place for giant media entities and conglomerates to sell top-tier advertisers on their content. It is honestly a huge deal for us to be included in this with huge names like Snapchat, HULU, YouTube, TikTok and more. It is a monumental step in the ever-growing business that is Barstool Sports and these top-tier, giant advertisers are sure to be ready to invest in our thriving company. That, however, is not what we are here to write about on this blog today. This blog is not about the big guns, the movers and shakers, the billion dollar companies looking to advertise, this is about the little guys I think Barstool would be smart to hitch their wagon too before they blow up. I am not qualified, capable, important or intelligent enough to set up a Newfront of my own, so this blog is the best I can do. 

1. Papa Cristo's Greek Deli

This commercial went viral a few days ago because, for some reason, Ja Rule was in it. If Ja Rule, who likely less than a handful of people on planet earth trust the opinion of, can cause this to go viral, who even knows what the ceiling is if they advertise with Barstool Sports? A second restaurant? Franchises? Potentially taking over the entire country of Greece itself (tough financial situation over there right now).

2. Any actual bar stool company

What an absolute glaring oversight here from every single bar stool company in the world. I remember when I first started reading Barstool around 2012 it was way down on google SEO. Pages deep. The actual physical bar stool companies reigned supreme. Talk about blowing a monster lead. Now you google barstool and the first 20+ results are all this company. Hate to see it. How can they get back to the top? By aligning themselves with us. Barstool branded barstools and barstool branded Barstool? An absolute match made in heaven and an absolute treat from the SEO gods.

3. Sea Monkeys

Okay. Stick with me here. You know the old saying "He could sell ice to an eskimo?" meaning someone is an expert salesperson? I think Barstool is kind of the media equivalent right now. Big Cat starts playing an old video game? A ton of the march we put out? Sells out. So what is next? Sea Monkeys. Why haven't I heard about Sea Monkeys? They stink. You can barely see them, they don't do anything, they come dried in a packet??? People finally came around it seems at some point over the last few years and decided these are absolutely not worth our time anymore.  The stoolies are a dependable bunch and I love them for that. To test this theory, I suggest the most pointless, singularly ridiculous item to ever exist.

Did I just make Barstool a billion dollars? Maybe. Will I see any of that money? Frankly, I am not sure how that works. Will it help prove to the world that we can sell absolutely anything? Absolutely.

If you find yourself learning more about Digital Newfront and what that means for our company, check out today's episode of Token CEO.