Bill Simmons Is Getting Ragdolled And I Need More Popcorn

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I read one writer on The Ringer and don't listen to any of their podcasts so I'm not really qualified to speak on the site's diversity or lack thereof. But I know a bad look when I see it. And claiming that the lack of diversity at the company he started is because "it's a business...this isn't Open Mic Night" from a guy who literally gave open mics to his friends and family for the last dozen or so years is laughable. Such a cluelessly condescending thing to say so it's right on brand for Bill Simmons.

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So I'm just here for the Twitter dragging. I think it's hilarious. Because nobody actually from Boston claims him. 

Oddly enough, I was reading some of his old articles a couple weeks back, wondering when those receipts were gonna pop back up. Because a lot of that shit was cringeworthy the day it went online.

I'm pretty sure there's even worse shit that he wrote but I have better things to do than pore over old Page 2 shit (I couldn't find one particular thing in a cursory search so I'm not gonna repeat it here without being 100% sure). 

Then there's this doozie.

Lots of cringe in there. But a western suburb mom drove into Roxbury with her 6-year-old son to see a basketball movie in [triple-checks date] 1975?

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Somebody more qualified than me may conlcude he fetishizes Black people and culture. But that's not for me to decide. 

Oh, and let's not forget the time he ran a story on his old site that resulted in the subject committing suicide.

And none of that shit is even that weirdest stuff he came up with. That would be the line in his Red Sox book about his mother wearing the shortest skirts at BC. 

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Who writes that shit?

[This is where I'd link to his Bruins bandwagon bullshit but the DevNest fucked that all up.]

Simmons has become what he once abhorred---a corny old white guy who never stops talking about his kids.

I don't care what happens or doesn't. I'm just here for the schadenfreude. 

As you were...