It's Actually Incredible How Much Video Games Can Still Make People Lose Their Shit In Real Life

I'm not going to compare my experiences in the fake virtual Gulag to those millions who suffered and died in the real Gulag but for motherfucking Stalin's syphilitic nutsack's sake - [PARAGRAPH REDACTED].

It's incredible these clinically mental insane emotions can still happen to grown adults.  Sure, it happened as kids.  It did to everyone.  But the amount of pure, primal rage that exudes after losing sometimes is biblical.  BIBLICAL. 

Then again, nothing is better than being victorious, say in the Gulag or Gunfight range).  Especially when you're castrating Balls.  

However, life is a lot better accepting the Balls into your corner.

And such is life.  Live all day today for #TryoutTuesday.  Come within.