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The Giants Getting Rid Of David Tyree From Their Staff Has Nothing But Bad Juju Written All Over It

Nope, don't care for this one bit as a Giants fan. I don't care if the last couple of seasons have sucked. We're in a new regime here. We finally, FINALLY, are done with Pat Shurmur. That might have the most upset I have been at a coaching hire in a long time. Dude failed in Cleveland, looked alright as an OC for the Vikings so you hire him? No thank you. I'm very much in the camp of hire the new head coach who is a young assistant rather than someone who failed recently. 

I digress though. This is about the bad juju that comes with getting rid of David Tyree. You simply can't do that. You need him on staff in some capacity until he dies. That's what happens when you hold onto this: 

new york giants GIF Giphy Images.

I don't care if he wants to leave the team, you kidnap him like the Mavericks/Clippers/DeAndre Jordan situation. You give him whatever he wants. As a Giants fan we need all the help we can get right now. I need Eli in the front office. I need Brandon Jacobs as RB coach. Ahmad Bradshaw maybe as co-RB coach. I've been critical of some of the picks. Hated taking a RB 2nd overall during a rebuild. Really didn't care for Daniel Jones at 6. Hope I'm wrong, but it's all about getting good juju in that building now. We already went through McAdoo turning into a villain. We had Shurmur just sucking. 

Save us Joe Judge. 

Let's remember the good times