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Women Think Men Who Own Cats Are Pussies, Study Finds

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(CNN)We have cat-astrophic news for animal lovers: Men who like cats are less likely to get a date.

That's the takeaway from a study by Colorado State University, which found that women are less likely to swipe right -- or say yes -- to men if they're posing with a cat in a picture.

Scientists showed hundreds of women photos of two men, both men pictured with and without a furry companion.

Their responses showed that the men's luck got noticeably worse when women saw the picture with a cat.

Now, Im not one who typically trusts the scientific community about things related to science but even I have to admit that there might be something to this. If I see a single dude with a cat, I think, "whoa. What an absolute bitch of a man." I cant help it. Do I wanna hate on a dude for loving a fluffy little kittenkins? Of course not. As a cat dad myself, I know that having a cat in your home can be purrfectly fine. 

I'm a husband. I'm a dad of two kids. I can't be a little bitch. I'm tough. All of that goes without saying. That being said, if you are a single dude who owns a cat, that's red flag city. The only exception is if the cat is weird or something. Like, "oh... hank is just goofin about being a cat guy because his cat, Pete, has 3 legs" or "Charles doesn't really like cats LOL. He just thinks it's hilarious that his cat, Popcorn, has no tail."

Basically, the cat has to be deformed in some way. That's not an attack on cats or people with deformities, it's just a simple statement of fact. Nothing more. Nothing less. Again, if you have a non-deformed cat and you aren't getting pussy on the regular, you're a bitch. That's not me talkin.... that's science. Take it up with Colorado State University if you have an issue. COMMENTS ARE CLOSED!