Bob Nightengale's Constant Ability To Be Wrong Will Never Cease To Amaze Me

Hey it looks like we might actually be getting baseball in 2020! Maybe?! Manfred is setting a 60 game schedule with players reporting to spring training 2.0 within a week. They just need to get passed the health protocols tomorrow that are expected to be approved according to Passan, and we're there (here's to hoping). You also have to dodge the current corona spike and then we'll have a season. It still seems too good to be true and almost fitting that baseball will botch this for good one more time. I won't be truly happy and pleased until I see Gerrit Cole with the ball in his hand ready to deliver the first pitch on Opening Day. Until then I'll believe it when I see it. 

That doesn't mean I can't get excited for Bob Nightengale tweets. I've never done cocaine, but I imagine the rush is similar to reading a Bob fuck up tweet. Tonight was like watching Picasso paint his masterpiece.

There will never be anyone in the world quite like Bob Nightengale. Just when you think he's hit his peak of being wrong he's always there to one up himself. It's almost like watching a live sport when he gets his hands on a keyboard. 

All these years there has to be someone purposely feeding him the wrong info right? Could he be illiterate that renders him incapable of reading and comprehending information? Also a possibility. Maybe he's just drunk all the time? Whatever it is, the consistency of his path to being wrong is flawless. 

Also never forget the time he got eviscerated live on MLB Network. 


Let's run through some of his greatest hits to close out the blog….

Kyler Murray

1:50 PM

1:53 PM

Javy Baez to the Braves

Edwin to the Rays


Harper not to the Phillies just hours before he signed

And of course his most recent draft night tweet that was ratioed out of the ass

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 10.56.42 PM.png

Never change Bob. Never change.