MLBPA Turns Down Owners' Latest Proposal, Negotiations Are Completely Donezo

I don't even give a shit anymore. This whole negotiation makes my stomach churn. Thank fucking Christ we're at the end of this now though. Sounds like we're getting a Manfred implemented 55-60 games of a weird ass baseball season that will have a billion asterisks by it no matter who wins it all. At this point beggars can't be choosers and I am begging, BEGGING for baseball.

And make no mistake about it - this was never EVER about Corona or safety. It was always about money, and it's a goddamn shame. I am 1000% behind the players because they got completely FUCKED over by the owners in this whole ordeal but I don't think their leadership (Tony Clark) did them any favors over the last 3+ months either. It's such a train wreck.

But whatever. Give me the 60 games that I can fall asleep on my couch to each night.  And yes, I am still excited to watch Yoan, Eloy, Kopech, Gio, Rodon and everyone else fuck up the league. Let's get the FUCK rid of this virus so 2021 can be normal life again. This year completely and totally BLOWS and I want to freak out right now. Right in the heart of the Sox run, go fucking figure. 1994 strike and corona. Thank god there were no earthquakes, locust attacks or other apocolyptic events in 2005.

Sounds like all we gotta do is tough out one more month before games are on our TVs which is whatever at this point. Just get me to that point. I am so beyond exhausted from this. Just nauseating. Fucking owners.