The Guy That Knocked Out Eagles TE Dallas Goedert At A South Dakota Bar Gets Arrested

When I heard rumors of this punch before it happened, I wondered what the hell it looked like. Dallas Goedert runs about 6'5, 270. Not exactly the physical profile of someone who is getting knocked out at a bar. I also, admittedly, was skeptical of someone throwing a sucker punch at him. My thought was that he must have at least been yapping back and forth, which was wrong on my part. A pure sucker move. 

What a bitch. The third man in on a fight, and it wound up with Goedert knocked out, and, depending what rumors you believe, getting airlifted to a local hospital. Scary stuff.

Sure enough, they found the scumbag that did this, some shithead car salesman from Sarasota, Florida. 

Fuuuuuuck this dude til kingdom come. Trying to Million Dollar Baby a top 10 TE in football? Not around here.

Luckily his birds teammates had his back.

And most beautifully, his BFF and roomie Avonte Maddox. Birds fly together.