Ryan Clark Is Honoring Sean Taylor At Training Camp By Wearing Number 21


Before we get into the smut and all that, we can to tip our cap to the this move by Ryan Clark to honor his bff Sean Taylor. I can’t believe there are Redskins fans saying he shouldn’t be doing this. Him and Taylor were about as close as you can be. He has the Taylor family’s blessing to do this. And it’s pretty fucking cool. Seeing a safety in burgundy and gold rocking the number 21 jersey just brings back so many Sean Taylor memories. Kid was an absolute beast. My favorite player to ever watch on the defensive side of the ball. Every snap all eyes would be glued to him because he could make a game changing play on any given play. No one should ever wear 21 again in a game for the Skins, but I love him wearing it at camp and in practice. Hopefully gets the rest of the guys fired up and playing the way Sean played. And yes, I truly believe he would have been able to adjust his game to today’s bullshit pussyfoot rules the NFL has about hitting. Because he wasn’t just a hard hitter. He was a smart, great safety that other teams had to gameplan around. Woulda gone down as one of the greatest to ever play the position.