In A Powerful Moment, Every NASCAR Driver And Their Crew Helped Push Bubba Wallace's Car To The Front Of The Grid Before Talladega

After an eventful 12-24 hours for NASCAR, this was an awesome moment by the entire sport. We've seen it all morning and afternoon on Twitter that fellow drivers are coming out in support of Bubba Wallace and against the disgusting incident that happened in his garage yesterday. 

You can see what the moment meant to Bubba at the end of this clip:

Richard Petty is at the track today. He owns the motor team that Bubba Wallace races for. 

The importance of Petty coming to the track today cannot be understated. One, he is 82. Two, we are still in the middle of COVID-19. Three, he doesn't like coming to Talladega because of a tragedy that occurred during his driving years. Four, he is the king of NASCAR and the head of the team that Bubba Wallace races for.

As Bubba said in his tweet....together.