Mondays Suck, But Lil Mosey's XXL Freestyle Sure Doesn't!

Recently, I've been bumping 'Blueberry Faygo' by Lil Mosey 24/7. If it wasn't for quarantine, I'd argue that this banger would've been the song of the summer. After having this song on this repeat for weeks, it made me dig into his discography where I stumbled upon his 2019 XXL freestyle, and holy shit, all I have to say is move over Kendrick Lamar! As the kids say these days, his XXL 2019 cypher "goes". 

I can't say I've been following the annual XXL Freshman list since 2016 when Lil Dicky, Anderson Paak, and Lil Uzi, just to name a few, were on the cover. After 2016, the list's have been a complete mess. It's compiled of like 7 shitty artists that each have a one hit wonder, and the other 2 people that make the list are extremely talented but don't get any recognition because kids love hearing autotune and "YEAH, AYY, WHAT, HUH" throughout the duration of the whole song. Since the 2020 XXL Freshman list is being announced next month(I think, might be delayed), I rewatched the 2019 XXL Cypher and wanted to break down this absolute work of art that Lil Mosey graced us.

"God damn, I feel like the man.

Freshman of the year, I woke up like the man".

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 3.16.22 PM.png

Nothing came up on Google about NOT being allowed to rhyme man with man, so this means Lil Mosey is a trend setter! Let's move on.

"Never poppin' Xans, 'cause they're killing me, damn" 

"When you got the money, they be tryin' be your friend"

While "man" does rhyme with "damn", I don't believe "friend" rhymes with "damn". BUT, "damn" and "friend" each have a syllable, which results as a bar in my book.

"Okay, this a lame ass beat"

"Walk up on your bitch, my dick 8 feet deep"

Incredible. Not only does Lil Mosey have the confidence to step on your girl, but he's stating he's already harder than a statue and his dick can touch your grandparents casket!  

"Why he talking out his lip? He know ain't shit sweet"

"Ayy, ayy, your block I'm gon' sweep"

In this bar, Lil Mosey is clearly expressing how much he cares for his community and is willing to clean and sweep off the trash in your neighborhood so you don't have to. You could say "sweet" and "sweep" don't rhyme, but they clearly sound similar if you say the words out loud.

"Ayy, ayy, bussdown, not regular face"

"Ayy, chasin' blues like DaBaby

I honestly don't know what the hell this means, I tried to think of something clever, but I lost a couple of brain cells from reading this.

"Ayy, swervin 'round with Kate"

"Dropped out, no I didn't graduate"

Okay, this is the biggest flex in history. While you're working hard and possibly raising a family, Lil Mosey is driving around with your dream girl, Kate from Barstool. And there's nothing you can do about it. He's also making millions and didn't have to finish school. Looks like Lil Mosey got the last laugh! 

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 4.18.46 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 4.19.26 PM.png

If you want to listen to the best verse from the 2019 class, I highly suggest checking out YNB Cordae's cypher. Like I said earlier, he's the 1 guy that is actually talented but barely gets any recognition because these other artists appeal to the young brain dead audience who just want to hear fast beats and autotune. His album "The Lost Boy" is great and got nominated for hip hop album of the year last year. 

If this is how the 2019 class went, I truly don't have any excitement for the 2020 XXL class. All I ask is for XXL to get my man Jack Harlow on this year's list and I'll be a happy camper.