The Trailer For A Documentary On 'The Decision' Just Dropped And We Get To See What A Shitshow It Was, Including David Stern Trying To Cancel It

[WKYC] - On Sunday, ESPN will take an in-depth look at one of the most polarizing free-agent decisions in sports history, in which James, an Akron native, left the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Heat

New details revealed during Sunday's show include information regarding how and when the idea for "The Decision" first came to be, NBA Commissioner David Stern's pleas to cancel the show and how James -- who returned to Cleveland in 2014 and led the Cavs to an NBA title in 2016 -- prepared for the show.

Oh hell yeah, this has my interest now. If this was just a regular ass documentary on the 10-year anniversary of the Decision, I wouldn't give a shit. But if you're giving me new details involving David Stern you have my attention. Stern is one of the most fascinating people in all of sports history to me. He helped turn the NBA into what it is today, he knew how to market stars but he also had so many conspiracy theories and shit like that. Hearing he wanted to cancel this show makes it even more intriguing to me. 

I need to know what David Stern really thought about it. Give me that story besides 'LeBron wanted to show the power a player has.' Yeah, that's important but that's been talked about for 10 years now. I think I'd ask Stern about his thoughts on LeBron right after if MJ was actually suspended for gambling and how many NBA Draft lotteries he rigged. 

And of course The Decision was a shitshow. Nobody knew how the fuck to handle that. Why do it at the Boys and Girls club? It was a drawn out thing that everybody hated. Although I fucking LOVED watching it with my best friend who is from Cleveland and the Cavs are his No. 1 sports team. Watching him get his heart ripped out, not say a word and just reach for the bourbon instead of beer will never be an image I won't laugh at. Everyone else though? It was awful. 

Now that said, I fully am prepared to be let down with these 'new details' just like Long Gone Summer and The Last Dance. Just give me something new - which I get is a tough ask with it being 10 years and we have Twitter and all that. Just show me behind the scenes with David Stern losing his mind.