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The Barstool Poker Tournament On Party Poker Returns Tomorrow Night, $25 To Enter $3.5K Guaranteed

The tradition continues. Every month it’s Pres donking ass backwards into chips and me playing well before my old nemesis, the coin flip, gets the better of thee. So be it, but I’m ready to roll this time. $25 entry with a $3.5K guaranteed pot which there will most likely be quite a bit of overlay. It’s the same rodeo as always as you MUST BE IN NEW JERSEY TO PLAY.  But if you haven’t already, download PartyPoker here.  We’ll see you on the felt.

In addition to the normal cash to take down, you can win suite tickets to see MMA’s biggest stars at the Prudential Center April 18th. So not only do you win money you can win these tickets on top of that. 1st place gets 4 tickets to the suite. 2nd Place gets 2 tickets to the suite. If you knock Pres out of the tournament you get 2 tickets and the last 2 will be picked randomly by who retweets the @barstoolsports account about the tournament.

$25 entry. $3.5K guaranteed. MMA tix on the line. Let’s deal.