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Former Packers VP Andrew Brandt Says ‘What’s Going on in Baseball Will Happen in Football’

Well isn’t that fantastic. A former vice president of an NFL franchise says there will be labor negotiations between the NFL and NFLPA somewhat akin to what we’re currently witnessing with Major League Baseball and its players.

Andrew Brandt said he doesn’t think the football financial negotiations will get to the degree of volatility those in baseball have, but that there will be real discussions which need to occur before the 2020 season.

Luckily, it sounds like anything that needs to be discussed between the NFL and the players is to prevent a drastic salary cap reduction in 2021 due to lost revenues this season. Getting out in front of it and instead reducing the cap this year could save some problems next season, but any sports fan is wary of labor negotiations right now given the real possibility of not seeing a pitch thrown from a Major League mound this calendar year.

Also, as crazy as it sounds when talking about Roger Goodell and the NFL owners, I have infinitely more confidence in them to work something out than I do with the morons currently involved in baseball. Folks in the NFL actually understand how important it is to, you know, have their sport be played.

Just please figure this out now. We need football.