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The Trailer For The New 'Terminator' Just Came Out, Revealed A HUGE Twist, And Nerds Are So Mad


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They’re doing another Terminator with Khaleesi from Game of Thrones and, with Arnold Schwarzenegger coming back on board, it seemed like there was cause for cautious optimism. But the big twist of John Connor actually being the villain is so absurd and cheesy — and weird to reveal in a trailer if that is the movie’s big twist — that any positive thought went soaring out the window for most fans. To me it’s sort of whatever, the franchise has been dragged in the shitter so bad that why wouldn’t you make Burned His Face On An Iron John Connor into a liquid metal death robot? It’s not like the outcome is going to be any worse than that dumpster fire with Christian Bale. That’s the thing with these franchise with some nostalgic love for them…they’re just desperate attempts for movie studios to cash in on your enjoyment of their previous successes. If you have any sort of hope or expectation for them besides a mildly enjoyable 90 minutes, that’s your fault for having dreams. Meanwhile I’ll be here in reality, hoping Emilia Clarke whips a titty out while whatshisface from Zero Dark Thirty melts himself a new face in between a few shitty monologues. You can never be disappointed if you have no hopes of happiness, that’s my motto.