NESCAC School Announces They Will Not Have Sports Until 2021 As 50%+ Students Will Not Be Welcomed Back To Campus In Fall

This is the first school I have seen announce their upcoming semester to be limited and therefore their fall sports have been canceled. Included, of course, is their football team....not that they'll be missing out on much:

Bowdoin's decision for the fall is laid out here. 

SOURCE-Summary of Our Plan:

  • We will have some students back in the fall, but not all students. The group on campus will be:
    • our new first-year and transfer students;
    • students who have home situations that make online learning nearly impossible;
    • a very small number of senior honors students who cannot pursue their pre-approved projects online and require access to physical spaces on campus, and can do so under health and safety protocols; and
    • our student residential life staff.

Other schools in the state of Maine will have in-person learning, or at least they plan to. Does that make Bowdoin's decision wrong? It's a private university that can do what it pleases in this situation. I do find it interesting that Bowdoin, an incredibly small school (1800 students), is limiting their on-campus attendance while a place like Maine (11k+ students) isn't. Bowdoin students are probably more spread out throughout the country, while Maine is made up of predominantly New Englanders, so that may play a factor?

I think back to when the Ivy League basketball tournament was canceled and it sent a shock wave through the sporting world. Not a lot of people agreed with the decision at the time of it's announcement, however, it turned out to be the right one looking back. The Ivy League was the first athletic conference to get ahead of all the cancellations. Will Bowdoin be similar in that regard? We just have to wait and see. 

P.s. I have talked to a few college kids who have taken online courses due to COVID and they say they are just awful. Essentially you go to a college like Bowdoin for the degree/connections, but paying 58k (it is less than this thanks to no room & board) to be taught on Zoom? I would seriously have to consider sitting that semester/year out.