Davis Bertans Is Leaving A Minimum Of $604,752 On The Table By Sitting Out The 8 Guaranteed NBA Games In Orlando


And so it begins. With the NBA *possibly* moving their operations to Disney World in a few weeks, players will make business decisions and decide to sit it out and not risk future earnings. The first player to decide it ain't worth it is from your Washington Wizards, Davis Bertans. He just had a career season, averaging 15.4 PPG and 42% from 3, making him one of the more coveted FAs in the offseason. However, the Wizards squeaked into the last Orlando spot, putting him in a tough spot- play 8 games and make upwards of $600,000, or sit them out and don't take any sort of risk at all.

It sort of reminds me of when college players sit out bowl games because they see no point of putting their bodies on the line to make their universities millions of dollars and get nothing in return. I'm actually shocked every year more college kids aren't sitting out meaningless bowl games, to be honest. 

So this is my question- Bertans won't be the only, but how high-profile will it go? Sure you can technically win an NBA title this year, but let's be honest, it's not the same. It's just not. Playing in front of zero fans at Disney World is simply not the same. How man other pending free agents will follow suit? The Wiz are the last team in...but what if a player from say, the Heat, or Rockets, or Sixers decides to sit out? What's $600,000 to someone whose next contract is going to be $100,000,000? 

And then of course there's always the chance non-pending FAs, just some players in general, don't want to play. For the same reason though, the risk. They have been home playing Call of Duty for the last 2 months, not in game shape, and now are expected to play at the top level in a bubble at Epcot? The whole thing is strange. 

I'm interested in seeing how this all goes down. Did the first domino fall, or is it a lone domino and not many will follow? We'll find out in the coming weeks.