Shiiiiitttt: A Division III School In Maine Just Announced They Aren't Playing Football, Basketball Or Any Other Fall/Winter Sports This Year

Fuuuccckkk. I don't care if this is a Division III school in Maine, this is not a good sign. This is going to make me nervous about college sports, especially with all the reports of positive tests from college athletic programs across the country this past weekend. It was going to happen, there were going to be positive tests. But when you're talking about having kids on campus to play sports vs if they shut down a campus for everyone else, it's impossible to navigate. And then you see this: 

The fact they are cancelling winter sports is huge too. That feels so far away and a bit of a rush, but it's important to note. Now I will say the Iowa pausing its tickets makes it sound more like they hit capacity. We knew from the get go we weren't getting full stadiums, as weird as that's going to look at sound. 

But back to Bowdoin, it's obviously a very small scale when talking Division III sports. It's going to be vital that more of these American sports leagues get started so major college football/hoops has something to copy. Again, it's not going to be as easy as that due to you know the whole pro vs amateur look. It ultimately comes down to if colleges have kids on campus. If they end up going virtual again for the fall semester it's going to be damn impossible to have college football (unless the NCAA changes its rulebook on the fly). 

I'm still on positive vibes and feel confident that they'll figure out how to play football/hoops. But this is the first nervous feeling I've had since college hoops got cancelled. I don't like it. I don't like it one bit.