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Start Your Week With Wiz Khalifa's "Who I Am"

One of the best parts of summer besides being outside in some kickass weather is that you're constantly listening to music. It's not a summer day if you aren't kickin it at some point having your brand new Bose speaker bangin some classic tunes. 

This usually means you'll stumble across songs that you used to listen to religiously but over the years have unfortunately forgot about until that glorious moment sitting by the pool when it comes on. The euphoria and nostalgia mixed together can be overwhelming sometimes, and this was certainly the case for me this weekend with this all-time Wiz banger. 

"Who I Am" is a classic Khalifa mix of instruments with a nice beat and some good feeling lyrics. Great for cruising in the car with the windows down, on a boat at the lake, or just lounging by the pool after your 6th beer before 11 a.m.

Blast this one today and get the week started right.