Despite a COVID-19 Outbreak At His Own Event, Village Idiot Novak Djokovic Refused To Get Tested Right Away Because He Had No Symptoms

With yesterday's news that Grigor Dimitrov tested positive for COVID-19 at Novak Djokovic's exhibition tournament, now two players, a coach, and a trainer have also tested positive for the virus. It's not really a surprise at this point given how crazy this shit spreads, but it further proves how stupid a decision it was to have this tournament happen the way it did. 

If you missed yesterday's story you can catch up here. Basically Djokovic organized an exhibition tournament in Serbia and Croatia with players flying in from other countries, full capacity fans, no masks, zero social distancing rules, and then went out after and partied at clubs like there was no pandemic going on. 

News broke yesterday morning that top 20 player in the world Grigor Dimitrov tested positive for COVID-19 after playing in the event. That forced the officials to cancel the finals which included world number one, and tournament organizer Djokovic. It seems like literally everyone else who was involved with this was tested immediately given how serious the spread of this virus is. Everyone except Djokovic. How?....

(Telegraph) - Meanwhile Djokovic’s representatives have confirmed that – as of Monday morning – he has yet to undergo a test. On Sunday night, all the other players and support staff reported for testing to the official event hotel in the Croatian city of Zadar. But Djokovic returned to Belgrade.

According to one Croatian report - which was described as accurate by a member of Djokovic's team - he decided not to be tested on the spot, because he does not feel any symptoms. 

There's a real chance Djokovic believes he can't get the virus because he drinks his magic healing water. I'm not even kidding, that's totally in the real of possibility here. Djokovic is a pseudoscience nut job who believes in meditation and positive thoughts over actual science. Yeah that's the guy who ran a tournament in the midst of a pandemic with zero health precautions. That's the head of the player's council. This is how he thinks you can purify water

Two players have the virus because of his event. Guys he was hanging out with non stop, and you're not getting tested because you have no symptoms? That's actually unbelievable. Tons of people have the virus and are asymptomatic. There's another real chance he doesn't believe in that either. The ignorance you have to possess to refuse a test while everyone else was getting one is at a level I've never seen. 

Reports are saying he plans on getting tested, but to Novak that might mean his witch doctor waving a wand over him and telling him he's healthy. Take a sip of this water Novak and all will be cured. If his test comes back positive it's going to be one of the bigger PR nightmares in a long time. I almost feel like he'll pay someone off to lie for him just to avoid further disaster. 

A giant hater of Djokovic's, Nick Kyrgios is having a field day with this. His timeline is filled with retweeting all sorts of things shitting on Novak. I love it. 


This is an unmitigated disaster that keeps getting worse. Couldn't be happening to be a better guy too! 

What a fucking idiot.