Sounds Like Chicago Is Out As An NHL Hub City

So a LOT of updates here in the last 48 hours about potential locations for the NHL hub cities once the 24 team re-start tournament begins. An official decisions coming within a week, per Larry Brooks. Canada's federal government basically removed the one major hurdle for Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto by scrapping the mandatory two week quarantine for ANYONE entering Canada. That paves the way for teams to send players, staff, personnel, etc to these potential cities and allows them to get to work right away. 

I wanted Chicago to be a host city. I thought there would be a slight chance for me to weasel my way into the United Center and be one of like 3 people in the building. That would've been great. On a more altruistic level, I wanted the boom to the local economy, especially bars and restaurants that have been crushed by Covid-19. If 12 NHL teams are isolated in Chicago and each team has a roster and support staff of minimum 50 people living in a hotel that would be a LOT of meals ordered from various restaurants here. Now, I know that restaurants everywhere have been hurt by coronavirus, but...I don't know any of those places. At some level, everything is local and I want my favorite spots and people to benefit from this silly hockey tournament. 

Having said all of that...I completely understand why the NHL would want to give one hub to Canada. Makes financial sense with what the Canadian dollar is trading at right now, it was appease one of their largest TV partners, Toronto and Vancouver are great cities...I get it. 

Here is what I don't get...why the FUCK would the NHL want two West Coast hubs? Am I a moron? Aren't these games going to be on TV? Aren't they going to need to play like 4 games per day on the ice sheet? I know there aren't any fans in the stadium, but how are you going to have Eastern Conference games between in Vancouver or Vegas between Eastern Conference teams with all of their fans in the Eastern time zone start at like 10pm on a Wednesday? Or if they've take that into account, are they really going to ask players to have a playoff game that starts at 9 or 10am pacific(local) time so the clock works for TV in the markets where people will care about a Carolina vs Rangers game? Like I said, I feel like I am really missing something here. I looking to crowd source an answer to this problem because having two Western cities makes zero sense to me. It feels like one should have to be in Toronto/Montreal(although I've never seen Montreal mentioned anywhere which is weird) or Chicago. Just for TV purposes. Don't make the majority of your fans, who live in the Northeastern part of the United States, have to stay up until 3am because you decided to have games in Vancouver for some unknown reason. Tie breaker goes to the fans at home. Put site two in Chicago or Toronto. Don't over think this thing, you dummies.