Apparently the ESPYs Were Last Night?

So apparently the ESPYs were last night? I saw Jack Mac tweet about it and I was legitimately shocked, because I had not heard one word about it — although with no games, "The Last Dance" is the only time I've turned on ESPN since March — and obviously because now seems like a pretty weird time to have a remote awards show about sports.

Russell Wilson hosted the event along with Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird and Wilson promoted the show on social media by posing with his wife in bathrobes on a makeshift red carpet in their backyard. Sure, I guess.

The ESPYs used to be cool. I don't know how many people were like me, but I actually looked forward to them. It was the only awards show that was any fun.

I still remember parts of Justin Timberlake's "Why I Love Sports" song from 2008.

But apparently the 2020 ESPYs did occur remotely last night, however Jack Mac simply tweeting that it was occurring was the only mention I saw of it on my timeline, so I'm not sure how many people were actually watching. I would chalk this up to a COVID-induced show of an inherently lesser quality due to everyone being at home, but I don't remember the last ESPYs that was worth watching — it probably wasn't long after Timberlake in 2008.

Bring back the fun, cool ESPYs.