Rob Lowe Discusses How He Acquired the NFL Logo Hat at the NFC Championship Game

On today's Pardon My Take, actor Rob Lowe joins the show to catch up about his new podcast, acting career, hanging with the Lakers, and more. The recurring guest also made headlines back in January when he was spotted at the NFC Championship Game in Santa Clara rocking an... NFL hat! Aside from an official, it was difficult to spot any other person wearing this hat. Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter dove into the story of how this situation developed:

Mr. Commenter: Can you walk me through the story of how you acquired that hat and why you decided to wear the NFL hat?

Rob Lowe: Yeah, so Have a show on Fox called 9-1-1 Lone Star, and we were about to premiere. It's the spin-off to 9-1-1. And Fox has spent a ton of money on it, and it's their big hope. And so they wanted me to come to the game and sit there. We're going to be on after the game. And they're going to cut to me. And it's basically an ad for the show. And, you know, I love sports.  I'm a football fan, so I'm down to clown. So, i get in the car to go to the stadium. And Fox has a gift bag of swag, for the game, and I'm thinking I'm going to get a championship hat. That's what you get, right?

Rob Lowe: No. There's no team hat, no championship hat, nothing other than that NFL hat, which, by the way, I thought, "This is the dopest hat I've ever seen, because I'd never really seen one, other than on a ref." And so, I loved it. In fact, I was texting people the picture on the way on the way in, going, "How cool is this hat?" And then the next thing you know, in like the second quarter, my phone starts exploding. "And I'm like, oh, they probably just cut to me." But I had no idea that it had become such a thing, so funny, so unexpected. 

Mr. Cat: You got roasted, roasted. But in a fun way. Every now and then, the Internet has these moments it's very cynical, it's pretty pessimistic. But every now and then, there'll be like a good old fashioned roasting that no one gets hurt. And it's just a good time. And it also kind of plays in to your character in Parks and Rec where you're positive. And it's like, "I'm rooting for everyone to have a good time here." And it was so fucking perfect. And it was the NFC Championship, so I had a great time watching the Packers get the shit kicked out of them. You're an NFL fan, you root for all the teams to have a great time. You've won 54 Super Bowls in a row.

Rob Lowe: That's right, I'm undefeated.

Mr. Commenter: You're a fan of leagues in general. 

Rob Lowe: There hasn't been a Super Bowl that my team hasn't won yet. Somebody said that my favorite player was Roger Goodell. I mean, they were really funny.

For a game that was extremely boring between the Packers and 49ers, Rob Lowe at least gave us some Twitter entertainment for the night. You have to respect a true fan of the NFL. No team allegiance whatsoever, as long as each of the 32 squads out there have a great time and respect their opponents.