Snoop Dogg Had One Hell Of A Tribute To Kobe Bryant Last Night

Well I certainly didn't expect to get a nice little cry in this morning, but here we are. This was Kobe's tribute last night at the ESPYs which I guess happened, and boy was it a doozy. Am I the only one who feels like Kobe's passing happened another lifetime ago? In reality, it was just about 5 months ago. Think of all that's happened over that timeframe. The one thing I do know is that any sort of Kobe tribute still makes me emotional even all these months later. You add in another LA legend like Snoop to the mix and yeah it's going to be an onion cutting factory in my blogging station. 

These two were obviously friends

and few people can give a tribute like Snoop. That's why I just wanted to make sure everyone saw it because maybe you were like me and had no idea the ESPYs were even still going on. Something tells me Kobe would be a pretty powerful voice at a time like this

Sorry if I also made you a little emotional on this Monday. To make up for it let's all relive the Mamba's best of the best. RIPIP to the legend