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Wake Up With Markelle Fultz Actually Playing Basketball

Of all the crazy storylines we got in 2019-20, I wouldn't blame you if you forgot about one of basketball's greatest mysteries. Remember for two years nobody knew what the hell was going on with Markelle Fultz. He was injured, then not injured, then had this weird injury nobody heard of. It was bizarre. He played a total of 33 games in two seasons in PHI, but then made his way to ORL this year where he started 59 of his 64 appearances and put up 12/3/5 n 47/25% splits. Numbers that don't exactly blow your dick off, but considering the Sixers felt he was someone who couldn't even touch the floor just last season, that's a pretty decent turnaround.

He'll obviously never live up to that #1 pick, and the Jayson Tatum trade will maybe us all laugh for the rest of time, but Fultz is on his way to at least being a serviceable NBA guard. That's certainly better than someone who couldn't play for two years. I'm also interested to see him play in the playoffs because who knows, maybe that stage will be a showcase for him. 

Watching those highlights you can see the potential. His jumper still needs a whole lot of work, but try and remember where he came from. Fultz basically had to start over and rebuild everything from scratch. Considering all ORL gave up for him was like Jonathan Simmons and useless picks, it was a no risk trade for the Magic that seems to be paying off.  

And hey, at least he's not Anthony Bennett.