Xzibit Voice: I Heard You Like Mattresses So I Put A Whole Damn Mattress Store On Your Car

July 1st is coming up. Lotta leases are coming to an end and plenty of folks are gonna be moving. So what does this legend go ahead and do? He studies the market. He uses the market to his advantage. He's addicted to mattresses and he knows it's the height of mattress season. He just goes around the block a few times, sees all the mattresses that everybody is leaving at their old dojo and adds it to the rig. 

Obsessions are weird in that way. Homeboy probably just agreed to help one of his buddies move one day because he had a truck. He realizes he could haul a shit ton of different shit with his truck and just like that, he became addicted to the haul life. Just wants to see how much he can pack on to that Chevy to so all of his Ford pals just how much their shit's weak. I'm not a truck guy so I don't fully understand the beef between Chevy guys and Ford guys, but I know having 20+ mattresses and at least 3 couches for sure gives the advantage to Chevy in this one. Your move, Ford Boiz.