Kick Off Your Week With "I'm Coming Home" By Diddy Ft. Skylar Grey

I had a few ideas of which song I would use to get things rolling this week. But then Coach Duggs went ahead and hijacked the entire news cycle by shocking the world by announcing his return to Toledo to reunite with his family. On Father's Day no less! 

Obviously there are plenty of people upset about that move this morning. Fans of power programs and networks without the #MACTION TV contract are all bummed they don't get to suckle on the sweet sweet teet of Gus Duggerton that lactates nothing but wins and money. But the real winners are all of us that miss when I'm Coming Home was played seemingly weekly for another athlete returning to his hometown, starting with noted Baltimore Brooklyn legend Carmelo Anthony.

Simpler times, man. Simpler times.

P.S. I am used to Big Cat turning the most random things into hilarious and riveting content. But what he has done with Coach Duggs during a global pandemic may go down as his masterpiece.