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Finish Up Your Father's Day By Watching A Bunch Of Dads Catch Foul Balls While Holding Kids

If we are being honest, I imagine most dads are already sleeping on their big day or at least wish they were. If we are in the Trust Tree right now, I'm currently blogging this from my bed. Regardless, after seeing this video, I had to put it up on the blog out of #RE2PECT for these dads because their asses were in the jackpot once those baseballs were hit directly at their kids likely with mama bear ready to pounce for putting their cub in danger. If they don't think you can protect your child from a small piece of flying cowhide, they probably aren't going to have much faith in you protecting the entire family as you navigate the constant bombardment of screaming line drives in a little thing called life. 

But each one of these proud papas came through with a souvenir, a story, and newly broken hand because one of the side effects of dad strength is the refusal to use something like a glove that is literally made to catch baseballs. However, raising a baseball in one hand as you hold a kid you sired in the other hand is the peak Alpha move (along with the Phillies fan I begrudgingly have to give credit to for giving an innnnncredible DX crotch chop). If the owners and players cannot agree to terms to get a Major League Baseball season played in 2020, I'm sure Rob Manfred would have no problem replacing games with players hitting line drives at dads holding kids since its pretty evident the 30 ownership groups do not give a flying fuck about the fans.

So Happy Father's Day to all the dads and a very special first Happy Never A Father Again Day to all my fellow dads that got snipped over the last 12 months like I did. There are still many battles ahead of us but no more opponents shall be added to the battlefield.