Tik Tok Chick Goes Viral For Being "Too Perfect" And "Hating Fake Girls"

I love this broad solely because I feel this broad's pain. It's hard waking up every single morning and pissing excellence. To be so goddamn "real" that it's the bane of your entire existence. To have sky high expectations of perfection and nothing but perfection placed on you by everyone. "Heavy lies the crown" as they say. It's the Regina George Syndrome. 

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I do need details on who the target of her verbal assault is though. Who are the fake girls she's talking about? Is one of them the girl with the Corona in the beginning of the video? What did they do or say to feel the wrath of blondie with the $15 gas station sunglasses? So many unanswered questions. Someone needs to do a case study on her brain and teach it to psychology students. It can be in the chapter after they learn about Carl's brain. It's gotta be a mental gold mine of burn book material that's good for ENDLESS entertainment. 

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And now we're live on Twitch.  Come through and talk that shit: 

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