Rain Delay At Talladega — Time To Load Up On Barstool Racing Gear And Wait It Out

Barstool is a Clint Bowyer stan account now. 

If Clint Bowyer doesn't win Talledega today he has nobody to blame but himself.   I've done everything that I can possibly do minus getting behind the wheel.  I gave him a paint scheme that is basically God with an Engine and then I gave him the best pre race advice that any driver has ever been given before at Dega.

"Wait for everybody to crash and then zoom past them"

Now it's up to Clint to hold up his end of the bargain. — Dave Portnoy

Fuck this rain though. Personally my favorite thing to pass the time during a weather delay is hit the Nascar page of the Barstool Store and buy shit.   Always helps, especially when it looks like we're waiting til Monday now.