There's No Rivalry Like A Sibling Rivalry

Court is officially in session. Let's just keep it with the facts.

1. She openly mocked his purchase of Capri Suns

2. She drank EIGHT of his Capri Suns after they had been transported from the store back to their home

3. While laughing and sipping what we can only assume is Capri Sun #8, she brings up his age as a reason to not be mad about the Capri Suns she had previous mocked

4. He delivers the swiftest ultimatum in the history of either or scenarios. Hey Mah, get to grounding or get an ice pack ready because justice is being served one way or the other

Those are the only facts we can work with here and I have to say, this man is 100% in the right. She lost all right to a Sun when she mocked their initial purchase at the store. That's a forfeiture of rights to any and all future Capri Suns purchased by this man. So the fact that she was brazen enough to not only drink "a" Capri Sun, but EIGHT??? When a traditional box only comes with 10? Unbecoming to put it lightly. If anything I think we should commend this man for even seeking out a fair judge and jury on this one. The reason you talk about Capri Suns before you leave the store is specifically because of how quickly they go once you start drinking. There's like two adult sips per pouch in those suckers. If she knew she wanted to have some refreshing goodness - which, all evidence points to she clearly did - then a second box could have been purchased and everything would have been fine. But no. This was intentional. This was an act of betrayal. Either ground her or call a medic because it's about to be the Thrilla In Manilla part two in this bitch.