Toddlers Learning How To "Swim" Is The Video I Didn't Know I Needed To See

You never know what people are going to be experts in until you randomly tweet out a video on to the world wide web. Then suddenly everyone is fucking Jacques Cousteau speaking in nautical miles about infant swimming instruction. I didn't retweet this video KenJac posted because I wanted a peak behind the curtain of teaching small children how to trust their instincts, hold their breath and float. I wanted to laugh at the woman seemingly haphazardly yeeting this Thanksgiving turkey of a child into the pool. That was enough for me and my enjoyment level of the internet. Let people laugh at ridiculous videos sometimes. Because this was absurd. And her casually getting in and snapping like he was some trained seal at the aquarium spinning around in hopes of a fishy treat is the icing on this cake. If I wanted a video ruined by facts I'd tweet it at Neil deGrasse Tyson, thank you very much.