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Okay So No Joke, Bandy Is the Sport Of The Future

America loves speed. Hot, nasty, bad ass speed. America also loves chaos. Which is exactly what Bandy seems to be. It's ice chaos. Even more so than just a standard hockey game. I mean honestly it's just an inbred version of hockey. You have ice hockey and you mix it together with field hockey and you get bandy. Both parents are from the same hockey family, and in the end you get some slack jawed, backwoods version of the sport and it's just incredible. 

The amount of open ice. The comedically large nets. The fact that these dudes can just fucking rip that ball with reckless abandon. The only thing holding bandy back right now from taking over is that all of the best athletes are playing regular hockey. Imagine watching Crosby, McDavid, Ovechkin, Matthews and the gang playing a game of bandy. The boys would be buzzing harder than anybody has ever buzzed before. Only issue is that you'd probably lose guys like Trill Kessel along the way. He'd see all that open ice and just say fuck it, too much skating for him. Also, you might need to start giving the Zamboni drivers a little raise. Definitely some rinks out there that can't afford for bandy to really take off for that reason. But that'll be a bridge we can cross when we get there.