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Harvard Baseball Recreated Its Iconic ‘Call Me Maybe’ Video

I don’t know that there’s any video pure enough to unite a world which has become as divided as it’s seemingly ever been, but if there is, it’s this one.

The Harvard baseball “Call Me Maybe” dance from its team bus is from a simpler time when only about 80 percent of the internet was a virulent cesspool, as opposed to today’s 99 percent. It’s just good, wholesome content.

I also generally hate when people are shocked at the passage of time, but it has occurred to me that the original video was posted eight years ago and there might very well be people reading this blog who don’t even know what I’m talking about.

The kids today will never know the summer of “Call Me Maybe.” Carly Rae Jepsen made enough money off that one song to retire 10 times over.

And that is maybe the best simple video on the internet. Just guys being dudes listening to 2012’s Song of the Summer — minus the guy who stayed asleep through the whole thing.

In an era where Disney just remakes every movie people have ever liked, this is the revival we actually needed.