You Won't Believe This But Twitter Is Trying To Cancel Joe Rogan Again

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You can almost set your clock to it 4 or so times a year Twitter tries to cancel Joe Rogan. Earlier this year it was after Rogan came out in support of Bernie Sanders, which angered Bernie Sanders supporters (yeah, I know, crazy). Now, it's happening again:

So, why are people trying to cancel Joe Rogan? I'm not completely sure it's one single moment. I think it has to do with a bunch of clips. One from his podcast with Bill Burr:


And I guess he called people "bitches" for wearing a mask. 

There is this clip of Rogan discussing Joe Biden's "cognitive decline:"

Then there is this clip of him discussing Black Lives Matter, the organization:

There's also an old video from 2011 from a podcast with Joey Diaz too that has 12k favorites:

Here's the thing....Joe Rogan literally cannot be canceled. You know who controls Joe Rogan? He does. He did just sign a licensing deal with Spotify but if they called him today and pulled the deal? It wouldn't matter much to him. They aren't his boss. He'd just keep doing what he's been doing. Also, these clips? They are nothing new from Joe Rogan. His fans have heard him say this stuff for over a decade and you know what keeps happening? His numbers continue to go up. 

I'm not here to debate if Rogan is right or wrong in what he said. However, I will say that Rogan is the poster boy for how a large portion of this country prefers his "I don't give a fuck" approach instead of the boring, you must say every right thing or you will be fired approach from countless media organizations. Joe Rogan has conversations. His media counterparts often tell you how to feel. That's the difference.


You can't cancel Joe Rogan, because he is his own brand. It's not like an ESPN or a news channel that has an anchor canceled and they go on to get a new employee. ESPN is going to go on without their top anchor. That's because ESPN is the brand. The thing with Rogan is simple.  Joe Rogan is the brand. The brand is Joe Rogan. 

I would assume that Rogan being "uncancellable" infuriates those who overwatch every word he says. They've been listening to all of his podcasts for years, waiting for him to "slip up." What happens when he does? They post it on Twitter, there are a bunch of retweets and favorites, and then what happens? Rogan has a guy on to talk about how drinking apple sauce with vinegar will increase your testosterone and it STILL gets over 1 million views. That's JUST on YouTube! Rogan is his own boss. The only person who can fire him is himself.