The Mets And Yankees Will Resume Spring Training In New York If There Is A Spring Training Or A Season Or Another Baseball Game Ever Again

This is all clearly just a measure to protect the players since Florida is going through all the coronavirus bullshit that New York went through a few months ago. But I still love this move because having Spring Training in New York during the summer is very on brand with the rest of 2020 that is taking place in the Upside Down. As a Mets fan, I especially like this move because  Uncle Stevie will be able to get a close look at his potential investment, whether he's allowed to enter Citi Field as a minority owner or by simply firing up the Cohen Copter and looking at the boys take the field through some sort of super fancy high powered binoculars since there is a 100000% chance Steve Cohen has a futuristic helicopter he calls the Cohen Copter, pictured below. 

All that being said, fuck the current Major League Baseball owners no matter where/if Spring Training or a season is actually played (not our savior Uncle Stevie though, he's a future owner).