Major League Baseball In 2020 Summed Up In Less Than 90 Seconds

Baseball was the first sport I became a fan of and I'll watch it until my dying day because I got hooked with the whole romantic, nostalgic, America's pastime narrative that we were all fed as kids. But I sincerely mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say I hope Major League Baseball slowly bleeds out over the next few decades and history remembers that the blood of the golden goose is on the hands of the 30 ownership groups that failed to answer the bell in 2020 when the country whose pastime they claim to be needed it most by turning heel to save money this year regardless of what it did for the future.

Between the bullshit negotiations over the last 3 months during a pandemic, rendering some of the sport's biggest records as footnotes because they couldn't properly enforce a decent PED policy (partially because of the PR damage done by the last work stoppage in 94), the complete disregard for the millions of fans who have lost their livelihoods, the comically dated social media policy that could help grow the game to younger fans, and the amount of time it took my dumbass to make that meme, I truly wish nothing but the worst for the owners and the league they seem hellbent on running into the ground.

Fuck'em all.