This Little Kid Getting Practice Swings In While Watching Gary Woodland's Group Tee Off Is Officially The Coolest Person On The Planet

I fucking love this kid. Not a care in the world. Now I know I said he was getting cuts in, but I was watching on the app and couldn't get a good video clip, so just trust me that he was waving the club in the background at all times. This video doesn't do the justice: 

I've never been more jealous of someone. He just gets to hang on Harbour Town watching Hideki, DJ and Gary Woodland tee off? Shit, even the camera went to him. Think about it - there are no fans on the course. The only people watching live are living on the houses around the course. My man told his parents bring him a juice box, he's going to set up a chair and get some practice swings in. He's going to fix Hideki Matsuyama and get him consistent. 

I hope he started heckling everyone too. Just cutting to the core of dudes. But, then again a ton of low scores today. Webb in at -12 through two rounds, no big deal just have him sitting on my fantasy golf bench. No one cares about your fantasy football team - everyone cares about your fantasy golf team. Few guys in at -8 for the day. Still awesome seeing a loaded RBC Heritage field instead of so many dudes dropping out the week after the Masters. 

Either way just know that this kid is lurking, ready to get some cuts in and ready to make fun of you. Need him to start going yard to yard with his chair. I actually don't even hate watching this without crowds. It's kinda funny watching these guys lose balls in the rough like me and you. 'Eh my mark was this stump. I have no idea where it went. Fuck it I'll just drop, there's a group on the tee behind us.' How many times has that been said when you've been on the course? Now you're seeing guys wandering around because grandstands aren't there to stop an errant shot. I kinda dig it.