Kendrick Perkins Had A Very Emotional Response To Kevin Durant Calling Him A "Sell Out"

You can say what you want about Perk. Maybe from time to time he says outrageous shit on TV, but the one thing I always loved about Media Perk was that he kept it as real and honest as possible. It's not like he's on TV being a professional troll like some other pundits out there. You may not always agree with what he says, but he's real. I find it refreshing, plus his stories are incredible so I'm in the camp that we need more of Perk, not less.

Which is why I found his response to KD calling him a "sell out" the other day so interesting. I said it at the time but that's a weird route to go if you're Durant given his own history. Do you think Durant would describe himself as a sell out? 

But there are obviously two sides to every story. For example, I'm of the thought that you can't go running your mouth and say whatever you want on that type of platform about a player and then be upset when the heat gets turned back on you. Who is to say the things Perk said about Kyrie didn't upset Kyrie the way Durant's comments upset Perk? If you're willing to talk that shit you have to be willing to take it when it's thrown back at you.

That's why when I look at this situation from where I sit, nobody is the winner. Perk maybe went a little too crazy on Kyrie, and Durant looks a little foolish in how he responded in an effort to stick up for his teammate. If we're being honest about all of this, it's sort of proving Kyrie's overall point. This is all an unneeded distraction from what is currently going on in the world. Instead of talking about those important issues, we're talking about what one NBA player put on IG about another NBA player. Think of how stupid that is. So even if you think Kyrie is doing nothing but saying wild shit, his (and a lot of other players) underlying point is pretty much happening in real time. Maybe this is all happening because there are no sports to talk about and First Take has to cover something, but the whole thing seems silly to me. 

That's why we just need do our best to make it to to July 30th. I'd much rather talk about the games and the playoffs than this bullshit, that's for sure.