Kyle Kuzma Thinks The Coronavirus 'Smart Ring' That NBA Players Are Wearing In Orlando Is Just A Tracking Device

What a year for Kyle Kuzma. What a goddamn year. He avoids the trade to New Orleans and gets to be an integral part on the title favorites. He's been linked to Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner and Nicole Shiraz. And now he's become the best conspiracy theory artist in the NBA strictly because Kyrie is a lunatic. His first conspiracy theory was hand sanitizer: 

And now it's that the coronavirus smart ring is actually a tracking device. And let's be honest - we all hope it is, right? That would be way more entertaining than just making sure they are healthy. Don't get me wrong, it should be both. But imagine getting the alert that James Harden snuck out. You know who probably had a say in this being a tracking device? Remember who the president of the players association is? 

Give me these sort of conspiracy theories. This is what I enjoy. Well, I enjoy the NBA Draft conspiracy theories way more, but give me something like this. I want Kuzma to give an in depth interview about this. Also love Joe Ingles calling him out. Ingles is low key the funniest dude in the NBA and on Twitter. He never wastes a moment to make fun of someone. 

But he's right. Kuzma would 100% be the guy to sneak out. Again, look at who he was linked to this year!

To quote my dear friend Eddie (shout out No Quitters) not bad.