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UPDATE: President Trump's Video Got A "Warning" From Twitter Prior To Midnight Last Night

Last night President Trump dropped this scud missile of a tweet on our heads:

I am still laughing out loud that the leader of the Free World Tweeted that, but I had one more question: how long until Twitter popped him with a DMCA warning for using music that he obviously doesn't own in the video? 

I set the O/U at 13.5 hours. Not sure why but that was the first number that popped in my head. Anyways, he just got "warned" by Twitter, whatever that means. From the Daily Mail:

LINK: Twitter has cracked down on President Trump's account again, marking a fake video  he shared on Thursday night of a black toddler running from a 'racist' white boy as 'manipulated media'. 

The video had been edited to look like a package from CNN. It showed the black child running in the opposite direction from the white boy with a fake CNN strap which read: 'Breaking news. Terrified toddler runs from racist baby. Racist baby probably a Trump voter.'

Okay so let's do some simple math: he tweeted the video at 8:12pm EST last night. I assume he was on eastern time just chilling at the White House getting his game face on for his big weekend in Tulsa. The Daily Mail article saying he got "warned" by Twitter came out just before midnight last night. I don't have an exact time he got the warning email, but it doesn't matter. If you had the under in "how long will it take for President Trump to get a DMCA pop for this video", you can cash your ticket. The race is now official. 

I don't care what anyone says, and I know he didn't actually make it himself, but the imagery of President Trump sitting in the White House Oval Office on Adobe Audition whipping up some clearly edited and illegal video while laughing at badly he's going to prove his haterz wrong with said video is just laugh out loud funny. If you don't think so, you have a massive dump in your pants.

And now we're live on Twitch if you want to discuss further.  Come at me, bro.