But Seriously Guys Don't Fuck The Raccoons

I tried to make it abundantly clearly last week that you probably don't want to have a train run on you by a bunch of rabid raccoons that are finally coming out of the shadows in the 4th month of quarantine. I tried to be ABUNDANTLY CLEAR guys 

So imagine my surprise this morning when I log onto my morning chatrooms and see this video circulating rapidly with reckless abandon 

I get it. You're a Dog Mom or a fucking Wild Animal Looking kinda dude yourself and you think you have this natural connection to the animal kingdom. You believe in some kind of inherent gift to communicate and share feelings. That other peoples' dogs love you soooooo much because you also grew up with a dog and (in your words) it's basically second nature to connect with animals. Maybe you binged a season of that guy Cesar going around and fixing extremely fucked up dogs and that you picked up a few things in the process

Btw it really is an incredible show. But my point is that Cesar is the exception and chances are your experiences with the family lab probably don't translate to rabies immunity. Probably doesn't mean those raccoons are going to respect your personal space and not claw your eyeballs out for breakfast. I mean for fucksake people I know we haven't been exactly on fire lately as a society but that doesn't mean we devolve to raccoon people. That's some backwoods hillbilly shit and I'd prefer we keep it on the other side of the mason dixon.