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Spain Built World Cup Hero Andres Iniesta A Naked Statue And Gave Him The Tiniest Dick Possible

I don't care that they are likely adding clothes to this statue, they did Andres Iniesta wrong. You can't give a World Cup hero a tiny dick like that. You gotta let him design the dick. Ask him what size he wants. At the minimum you can't pose with it like that. Wait for it to get clothes on. Because all everyone that sees this statue in Spain is going to think is, oh Iniesta has a tiny dick under there. Take a book out of Ronaldo's hometown: 

You can see that dick from 3 blocks away. People are rubbing it for good luck! You can't and I stress you can't give a World Cup hero - a guy who won you a World Cup a tiny dick statue. You can't let people know that. 

Again, just wait until it's finished to pose and send it out to media. Just flat out mean to a hero in the country.