Did Napoli Win Coppa Italia Because This Smoke Posed In Her Lucky Napoli Shorts?

Meet Floriana Messina. She's an Italian sports presenter who absolutely loves Napoli. She loves them so much in fact I've blogged about her before. Not only that but I've blogged about her for pulling this witch magic! She wore a thong and jersey, posted it on Instagram and boom Napoli got a result over Barcelona. This time it was the Coppa Italia and Juventus. 

Listen when you're going up against Ronaldo, you gotta do anything and everything. You need all hands on deck or Instagram. Whatever works! And would you look at what happened? 

Winning in penalty kicks! Winning a trophy! It's kinda bullshit she's not out there celebrating. She's as much of that title run as the players. This needs to be a formal investigation. I don't care if Juventus has the players. Napoli has the good luck charm. All it takes is her slapping on some Napoli gear and posting it to Instagram and they win big matches. Gonna need to start remembering that when I bet. (h/t The Sun)  

Writing before the game, Messina posed in Napoli shorts for an Instagram post to her 541,000 followers.

In reference to the Patron Saint of Naples, she wrote pre-game: "San Gennaro help us! #ForzaNapoli #ForzaNapoliSempre #CoppaItalia."

Gonna need to hit her up and see if this magic works for other teams. We got the NBA Draft Lottery coming up, might need to get Clem in a Knicks tank top for good luck for us.