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Former Arizona Star Solomon Hill Calls Out Dickie V And Jay Bilas For Refusing To Bash Duke For 'Cheating'

Welcome to the club, Solomon Hill! This isn't even as much about Jay Bilas as it is Dickie V. For whatever reason Dickie V wants to kick Sean Miller and Will Wade out of college basketball and even out of America. He's acting like them even thinking of paying players is a federal offense that he's appalled by. But weirdly enough, they are just accusations - like Duke and Zion Williamson. Wonder if Dickie V ever said anything about that? 

Oh, nope. Weird. 

This is what I want. Listen, I can scream truths about all the dickhead and 'cheating' things Duke has gotten away with. But now you have former players starting to chime in and call people out. It's almost like we're on the right side here. This whole FBI investigation has been hilarious to see how people are reacting. People losing their mind on Wade and Miller but not caring about Self or anyone else. If you're going to be mad at one person, be mad at them all. Or, you know, don't give a shit that people were getting paid. 

But welcome Solomon Hill, it's why Barstool Sports is the most trusted place for integrity. We'll call that rat Coach K out. We'll call Dickie V's old ass out for not speaking about Coach K. No need to thank me. 

Also firing that tweet out before 8am just knows you woke up pissed off. Love that move. 

PS: Duke Vital - fucking nailed it