Rick Astley Just Uploaded A Cover Of 'Everlong' By The Foo Fighters And It's Actually Pretty Awesome

Right off the bat, I wanna point out the fact that I'm not taking a shot at Rick Astley when I say it's *actually* a pretty awesome cover in my headline. I know how fucking awesome Rick Astley is. It's not a shock to me that he sounded great on this. I just feel like most people hear Rick Astley, and they go, "the rickroll guy? lol c'mon" and they don't realize that Rick Astley's actually kinda the man! 

Dude's voice has held up shockingly well, he permeates cool dad energy, and I think he's pretty self-aware, too! How could ya not love that?

Listen to Dave Grohl talking about their first collaboration and then watch it below....

Hilarious stuff.

Oh, and if you've never seen it - check out the Pup Punk/Rick Astley Collab, 'Giving You Up' - HERE.