Bill Self Is Looking At Suing The NCAA For 'Fraud' Because The NCAA Is Investigating Kansas

[Source] - In a letter sent to NCAA vice president of legal affairs and general counsel Scott Bearby on June 12, Scott Tompsett, Self's attorney, wrote that the purpose of the letter was to "formally put the NCAA on notice of Mr. Self's current and prospective claims against the NCAA relating to the NCAA's infractions investigation of the KU men's basketball program and Mr. Self.

"Without limiting Mr. Self's claims, he is considering bringing legal action against the NCAA and NCAA officers, employees and representatives for negligence, breach of contract, defamation, fraud, tortious interference with contract and tortious interference with prospective contract," Tompsett wrote.

I fucking love it. Bill Self is going full double birds to the NCAA and he doesn't give a damn about anything. We've seen programs attack the NCAA differently throughout recent history. Louisville worked with them and they lost banners and Rick Pitino. Oklahoma State didn't fight and they on a postseason ban with scholarship reductions over $300 and an assistant coach lining his own pockets! UNC fought the NCAA, pretty much telling them to go fuck themselves and won. Now we have Kansas doing the same. 

I love the reasoning for the lawsuit too. Fraud, defamation, negligence? Bro, we all know Adidas offered guys to go to Kansas. And, oh, I don't know maybe just MAYBE the NCAA got pissed things like this? 

OR maybe it was the Midnight Madness that had strippers, Snoop Dogg and shooting money at recruits? 

Shit the NCAA even admitted that they got pissed at Kansas for this 

But this is where it gets tough for me. I'd find it hilarious for Kansas to get in trouble because the reputation Bill Self has as being buddies with everyone in the media and not really getting heat like others. Personally I don't give a shit about that, mostly because I hate the NCAA more. Going for lawsuits now is just hilarious though. 

I need this to go to court and I want to be there. I want to be on the jury. I need to hear Self deny that Kansas ever worked with Adidas or vice versa and helped land recruits. I need to hear the NCAA get all pissy. I assume it's a scene out of It's Always Sunny with Charlie's uncle as the lawyer. Especially with Self's (alleged) toupee and the lawyer's hands: